It's tough out there in traditional publishing right now. Is it time to put your current bookbaby aside? For me, it looks like the answer is yes. How ...View Details

I'm inspired by all things science, but the idea of whales being descended from a creature who originally spent most of its time on land then evolved ...View Details

Let's make some money with fiction. Here are a few thoughts and tools on how. Mentioned in this podcast: Erica Verrillo's Published to Death blog Auth...View Details

Maybe you know about the Hugo Awards. Maybe you don't. But I'm going to try to read the 2021 nominees for Best Novel before they're handing out on Dec...View Details

Writing Goals! BOOM!

If you've been a dreadful failure with writing goals, the problem may be THEM, not you. Here's how to set goals that won't make you feel like pond scu...View Details

Feeling "meh"? God knows I am. Here's some aimless rambling about "meh" and success so you don't feel so alone. You're not an abject failure, no matte...View Details

Celebrating the completion of the STARS read-through with a live stream! You have questions! I have answers! And cats! 

Reviving the victims of Blue doesn't go as planned, more Ionians are hit with a new weaponized version of Blue, and Faith and Fallon face off against ...View Details

The Company is coming for Fallon and her time is running short; Arden and Graham call in favors; and that crate addressed to Faith? It's breathing. Pl...View Details

Arden is satisfied that Graham's last secret is out, but Fallon March isn't so sure. Someone makes a brazen attempt on the lives of the entire team, a...View Details

Fallon's true mission turns out to be family business, Faith learns Arden is keeping one more secret, and the team makes a disheartening discovery abo...View Details

Another Ionian falls victim to Blue, but before the worst can happen, an unexpected champion steps in to save the day. Now, though, the attacker will ...View Details

We learn what Arden has been up to all these years--and it has to do with Graham.

A harrowing discovery in Pauly's office leads to Fallon March's arrest--but is Graham complicit as well? Faith and Arden finally get clear on their is...View Details

Faith and Fallon March go toe-to-toe again, and the investigation team makes an alarming discovery about the crate that exploded in the Warehouse.

The Company's Operations Security Chief arrives, heavily armed and largely disinterested in operational security. Faith and Arden make a pact. Plus, m...View Details

No one is happy that the Company's Operational Security Chief is coming to Iona to investigate the warehouse explosion. After Graham taps Faith to lea...View Details

A peaceful few weeks on Iona are capped off with a disastrous explosion in the Warehouse that leaves three of Iona's citizens in peril. Faith and Grah...View Details

In the fourth installment of the readthrough of sci-fi novel Nothing Larger Than These Stars, Faith tries to ferret out whether Arden ever told Graham...View Details

The third installment in the read-through of Nothing Larger Than These Stars by E. Marie Robertson. Faith remembers the dark details of her struggles ...View Details

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